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Master of Science in Health Services MSHS-Health Promotion

The merits of keeping people healthy are clear from a physiological and psychological standpoint. But the material value of a healthy population is equally certain — healthy people save society and industry money. The rising cost of medical care has forced the health care and insurance industries to evaluate wellness strategies. Health promotion is founded on the philosophy of education, prevention, and enabling people and communities to improve their health. Wellness experts and health educators work hard to help the public understand and maintain healthy living standards. They attempt to balance the psychological, cultural, and social aspects of health behavior through exercise, weight management, nutrition, smoking cessation, and many other programs. The strategic tools of the health promotion professional are assessment, behavior change and health communication methodologies, program planning, implementation, evaluation, and program administration. The curriculum is designed to prepare health promotion practitioners and to provide a foundation of knowledge in research and evaluation. With a firm grasp of the principles of health promotion, you can be a significant factor in promoting health awareness in your community or facility.

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