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Master of Science in Management: Conc in Project Management

Project management is an essential part of nearly every industry of business. Every kind of company needs its organizers. A master of science degree in project management may help create experts that may become qualified to fill these important positions. Project managers are typical in charge of managing every aspect of a given project. This includes preoperational planning, efficient execution, satisfactory results, and final reporting. These managers must be skilled communicators that can effectively lead a team of people with a driven objective in mind.

One example of project management could be in the manufacturing industry. This kind of project manager might manage component purchasing, oversee a production team, and report to an operations manager. Another example could be found in the field of engineering. In this instance, a project manager might oversee the completion of a particular client project. This manager may organize and coordinate production blueprints and other plans, building permits and paperwork, and will likely be the one to answer questions directed from the client regarding progress. And there are some master students who choose to apply their specialty in all different kinds of businesses, acting as project management consultants. These professionals may apply techniques learned from their graduate degree to help other businesses see how to best organize their projects for success.

Example Courses

  • Risk Analysis for Decision Making
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Finance for Project Management

Potential Industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services & Technical Consulting
  • Engineering

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Boston University
  • Walden University
  • The George Washington University

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