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Master of Science in Operations and Supply Chain Management

The term “system” can apply to a network of people, processes, technologies, or a combination of all three. A master of science degree with concentration in operations and supply chain management teaches students about the viability, adaptability, and effectiveness of these systems, through integrated business and scientific approaches. The degree is commonly earned over one to two years and designed for working professionals to complete through part time study. This MS program may provide students with the knowledge they need to be effective leaders in their businesses.

Manufacturing, as an example, relies on an intricate number of processes in order to meet production objectives. Graduates with this degree might go on to run manufacturing operations working under titles like director of production and operations manager. Software giants may also recruit MS grads in supply chain management to run their operations. Although the scope of work is quite different than a manufacturing plant might require, the daily duties – tracking, improving, and being responsible for system efficiency – are essentially the same. In this case, however, graduates would apply their working knowledge towards a system of computers and people, as opposed to say, welders and machines. There may also be a market for consultants in this field, in which grads may go on to advise other businesses of the best possible scenarios and production setups for business efficiency.

Example Courses

  • Global Logistics and Operational Management
  • Data Analysis and Decision-Making for Managers
  • Special Topics in Supply Chain Management

Potential Industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Software
  • Professional Services

Colleges Offering Degree

  • University of Florida
  • University of Texas at Dallas
  • St. Louis University John Cook School of Business

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