College Degrees

Master of Science in Organizational and Human Resource Development

An MS in organization and human resource development takes an exploratory approach to organized management of people. This science-based degree track helps students discover how to best apply organizational techniques and methodologies to a communal work setting. Upon graduation students could be well versed in addressing and creating change and may know how to effective implement it to facilitate procedural and staff structure adjustments. After graduating, students may elect to work in a number of different industries, as human resources are vital to just about every kind of business. In government positions, students might go on to look for work as personnel directors or training coordinators for different departments.

Corporate business also has its own organizational and human resources managers. In this kind of position, a graduate might gain positions as an HR director for a corporation, or perhaps as a recruiter, interviewing and hiring potential applicants. Healthcare, too, needs these kinds of leaders. Human resources managers in this field might oversee a flight of nurses, an administrative staff team, or even an entire hospital department. These are just a few of many examples where organizational and human resource development specialists might seek work after graduating with a master of science degree.

Example Courses

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resources Management
  • Group Dynamics and Interventions

Potential Industries

  • Government
  • Corporate Business
  • Healthcare

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Abilene Christian University
  • St. John Fisher College Bittner School of Business
  • Eastern Michigan University

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