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Master of Science in Safety, Security & Emergency Management-Homeland Security

All students in the Master of Science in Safety, Security & Emergency Management online degree program will take 6 core courses focusing on various topics such as safety, security and emergency management administration, legislation and legal compliance, workers’ compensation/labor law, emergency preparation and response, and auditing. They will also take support courses on industrial safety management, security management, environmental hazards and specific concentration courses of the student’s choice.

The Homeland Security Concentration and Certificate programs were designed to meet the demands and challenges of the real world and its ever-changing threats to the security of the nation. The curriculum of the Homeland Security concentration focuses on current issues that affect security, safety and emergency management personnel. Courses in this concentration include policy analysis, infrastructure protection, intelligence and hazards and threats to Homeland Security.

After the events of 9/11, Homeland Security has become a prime focus in public and private organizations at all levels. Master's program graduates who select this track will be prepared to actively engage in leadership roles in a variety of government agencies and private enterprise.

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