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Master's in Teaching for Aspiring Teachers Grades 5-12

Teaching children during their formative years of adolescence is a challenge that can be personally and financially rewarding. In this profession, you could serve as both mentor and coach—imparting academic knowledge and helping to shape students' views of their own self-worth and their roles in the world around them. If you are ready to experience the tremendous satisfaction that comes from preparing teens for the future, the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Kaplan University is designed to help you develop the necessary professional competencies to teach grades 5-12.*

*The program and curriculum have been designed to provide students with the background and practical experience that meet nationally recognized standards for such a degree. However, individual state licensing requirements vary and may change from time to time. Thus, Kaplan University makes no representations or warranties as to whether the program meets the specific licensing requirements for any individual state. Kaplan University encourages its students to independently research the licensing requirements in any state in which they intend to seek licensure.

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