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Master's in Teaching-Iowa Certification

Kaplan University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program is designed to help prepare individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than education to become qualified secondary teachers in grades 5–12. Pursue a career path where you can make a difference, one student at a time.

The MAT program and its curriculum are designed to help career changers, retirees, and individuals in education fields with no or limited teaching experience master the art of teaching at the secondary (grades 5-12) level.

The program provides students the opportunity to pursue either an Iowa certification or non-certification track of study.

The non-certification track consists of a minimum of 42 quarter credit hours and is designed for professionals from all 50 states and abroad who desire a fundamental understanding of secondary teaching practices, but may not wish to become certified teachers at this time. This program is also designed for those individuals who would like to become certified teachers through the alternative certification route approved by their state. Kaplan University cannot recommended candidates outside of Iowa for licensure, but does have MAT coaches dedicated to helping students plan their own path to certification in their home state.The non-certification track is structured around courses designed to build a strong foundation in teaching and does not include fieldwork or a student teaching/internship experience. Enrollment in content area courses is also not required for completion of this track of the program.

The Iowa certification track consists of a minimum of 56 quarter credit hours and is designed for professionals able to conduct fieldwork and student teaching/internship requirements in an Iowa public school. Students who successfully complete the Iowa certification track of the MAT program will be recommended to the Iowa Department of Education for a teaching license. The Iowa certification track is approved by the Iowa State Board of Education and offers core and certification courses, as well as required fieldwork assignments and a supervised student teaching or year-long internship experience. In addition, students take elective courses geared toward their expertise in specific content areas. Students pursuing the Iowa certification track MUST be Iowa residents or able to complete the fieldwork and student teaching/internship requirements in the state of Iowa.

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