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MBA Fast Track MBA

Cardean now offers its accredited MBA program in an accelerated schedule, enabling you to achieve your MBA in General Business Studies in less than one year. The program offers courses developed in partnership with some of the world's leading business schools, including Columbia University Business School, Stanford University, and The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.This program is specifically designed for those high-achieving professionals who want a respectable MBA credential as quickly as possible. The person who takes this program is able to handle time constraints and the rigor of a fast program. The program is designed so that you can either be working full time, part time, or taking time off to pursue your degree. Students in this program should expect to spend a few hours a day on course work based in real world scenarios. You will be pre-registered for your courses in coordination with others joining the program. The program is designed for you to start and end with other professionals dedicated to the accelerated pace.

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