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ME in Embedded Systems

Most embedded systems require a high degree of predictability and reliability, and involve tight interactions with their physical environment. They differ from computation-intensive applications as a result of their concurrent threads of control and time-dependent behavior, as well as a variety of system requirements that include size, power, cost, safety, security, and regulation. However, the task of developing such systems is much more challenging than general computer applications as multiple concurrent subsystems interact with real-time signals and produce a sequence of interdependent and timed control actions. Consequently, system design and software development of embedded systems have become significant obstacle in meeting the market demands for functionality, reliability, and ease of use while achieving rapid product release cycles.

The Arizona State University Master of Engineering (MEng) is designed to provide the opportunity for students to obtain a master's degree in engineering through distance learning online. The MEng is a practice-oriented degree that requires 30 credits of course work, including three credits of Applied Mathematics and three credits of Engineering Management. Up to six hours of credit is available for an applied project, and a culminating experience is required.

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