College Degrees

MFA in Media Design

A Master of Fine Arts in Media Design is typically a two year degree program. It is interdisciplinary in nature. Work within different disciplines is encouraged in addition to media design such as music, architecture, and the arts. Students utilize media technology to explore their creative sides in innovation and design. They participate in research projects, specialized academic studies, composition of a thesis that incorporates a media production component, and the study of design theory. A Master of Fine Arts in Media Design necessitates engagement between critical theory and application while educating students in how to compose strong visual presentations for the public. A degree in arts, such as this one, involves learning about branding and analyzing the production process within the design industry. Students can expect to be included in all of the many aspects of media design like emerging technologies and art. By participating in key projects with their peers and other artists within their communities, students will experience versatility and flexibility within their chosen field. Because of the emphasis on directing and shaping visual production, a Master of Fine Arts in Media Design is the perfect degree for individuals seeking to use artistry in their future careers and it provides them with numerous opportunities to advance their knowledge of digital media for future employers.

Example Courses

  • Brand Development
  • Critical Spatial Practices
  • Locative Media

Potential Industries

  • Filmmaking
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Full Sail University Online
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  • University of Buffalo

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