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MPA-General Public Administration

Strengthen the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to effectively manage current public issues and plan for the future. Designed around national public administration curriculum standards, the curriculum focuses on building public value by establishing collaborative networks; promoting ethical performance standards; enhancing professional communication skills; and formulating and achieving innovative solutions to the challenges of public protection, policy, and governance. Working with a rich, global network of experienced faculty and professional peers, you will gain an in-depth understanding of your own field, plus insights from professionals in other fields, such as public safety and health care, that often collaborate with you to address today‘s complex challenges. Courses are taught in a prescribed sequence that builds on your newly developed knowledge and skills. This specialization also offers convenient features such as electronic textbooks and auto-registration for your entire sequence of courses. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing management or leadership positions in government agencies, public service organizations, or public-private community networks.

Concentrations: As part of this specialization, you can choose to earn a concentration in Public Health or Homeland Security.

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