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MS-General Career Counseling

Advance your knowledge of career counseling and career development, including both face-to-face counseling and the use of online tools to conduct career counseling at a distance. Designed around leading counseling standards, Capella's MS in Career Counseling is one of very few online master’s programs in the field. The rigorous program includes online course work, residencies, and clinical experiences. The curriculum offers a theoretical and practical foundation in the field of career counseling, including administering and interpreting career assessments; developing life, career, and employment plans for clients; working with diverse populations; and planning and managing comprehensive career counseling and development programs. People who choose this specialization may be interested in providing or managing career counseling or development services in a corporate, government, or nonprofit setting; or becoming an independent career counselor.

Review of this specialization is pending in AL, AZ, FL, KS, KY, ND, SC, WA and WI.

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