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MS in Instructional Technology Specialist

Saint Joseph's University is one of the few schools in Pennsylvania to offer a program that can help you attain your Instructional Technology Specialist Certification or, by completing two additional electives, earn your Certification and a Master's degree in Instructional Technology.

Our MS in Instructional Technology program is aligned with National Standards to prepare you to step into any of the Instructional Technology Specialist careers available across a variety of educational settings. Our goal is to prepare high quality educators capable of serving Instructional Technology leadership roles in a school, a school district, or a regional educational setting.

Master's degree in Instructional Technology curriculum is designed to offer:

  • Valid methodologies for the development of curriculum and strategies for effectively applying instructional technology to an institution's core curriculum
  • Studies in the management and administration of instructional technology programs at the building, district, and regional levels on ground and online settings
  • Education in-group process techniques that develop leadership skills needed for working with teachers, students, administrators, parent groups and the community
  • Experiences and studies in the selection and use of material and techniques relevant to a multi-cultural society
  • Experiences in the evaluation and research procedures for the examination of emerging technologies for possible inclusion in an educational setting

Instructional Technology Specialist Certification

Through the Instructional Technology Specialist Certification from Saint Joseph's University, you will be prepared to take on an important and growing role in the K-12 school environment.

Our students are:

  • Education professionals wanting to obtain an Instructional Technology Specialist position
  • Professionals currently in an Instructional Technology role looking to expand their knowledge to integrate the latest technologies within their organization
  • Instructional coordinators responsible for curriculum development and technology based training methods
  • Educators interested in incorporating new technologies within their classrooms to enhance the student learning experience

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