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MS Leadership-Sustainable Futures

An MS degree in leadership with a focus on sustainable futures is an exciting graduate program designed to prepare passionate individuals for careers in which they can initiate and guide real world change. The organization techniques taught through this master degree curriculum covers strategies for effective leadership, organized management, and business decision-making for a sustainable impact. These techniques have a niche application in the world of nonprofit associations, government organizations, and international business alike. Although the organization objectives change according to the sector, the primary objective of these professionals – that is creating awareness and change with regards to our sustainable practices on a global basis – stays stable throughout. In government organizations, leadership grads may seek work in policy-making roles, where they’ll have the opportunity to write and modify legislation for the greater good of our future.

In the nonprofit sector, graduates might look for opportunities to serve as board executives, initiating fundraising efforts and raising awareness on the sustainability issue. This degree could also serve as a platform to enter traditional business, serving international companies as a liaison to the global community. In these kinds of roles, managers coordinate international meetings and collaborate with other like-minded professionals around the world.

Example Courses

  • Quantitative Methods in Sustainability
  • Sustainable Science
  • Foodsystem Sustainability

Potential Industries

  • Government Organizations
  • International Business
  • Nonprofit Sector

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Walden University
  • Columbia University School of Continuing Education
  • Arizona State University School of Sustainability

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