College Degrees

MSM in Nonprofit and Association Management

A master of science with concentration in nonprofit and association management is an upper-level degree program aimed at providing career-minded individuals a business learning experience with direct application to the nonprofit sector. This degree teaches vital leadership techniques and strategies that students may use to explore careers in management position. In nonprofit associations, managerial structure is based on an executive board format where board members are responsible for selective responsibility within the organization. A board member for a children’s charity might use this kind of management degree to better understand the financial aspects of fundraising.

While any master program will highlight the business side of finance, a specialized track in nonprofit and association management is needed to further explore the nonprofit characteristics of financial transactions. Another opportunity for consideration might lie within research foundations. Although they do not sell products for profits, these kinds of companies may still have traditional business needs to be met – marketing, accounting, etc. – and still need qualified personnel to fulfill them in managerial positions. A management degree with a nonprofit focus is an excellent platform to explore opportunities in these roles. Beyond working in nonprofits themselves, there might also be career options in the field of education.

Example Courses

  • Nonprofit Law and Policy
  • Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Governance and Leadership in Nonprofit Associations

Potential Industries

  • Charitable Causes
  • Research Foundations
  • Education

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Northeastern University College of Professional Studies
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Eastern University

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