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MSTM in Information Systems and Services

Technology management is vitally important for both private- and public-sector organizations that must manage the fast pace of technological change. Now all businesses and public organizations are managed with and through technology, and understanding the technological basis of management activities is essential for modern management skills. For example, information technology is used in planning and controlling operations and in marketing. Product and production technologies are used in designing and producing products. Service technologies are used in delivering services. Technologies pervade the whole organizational structure and all operations. A Master of Science (MS) in Technology Management provides a broad-based core of management competency in the central business functions, along with a deep understanding of generic technologies that enable specific business capabilities. Core courses focus upon a common management competency, while elective courses allow a student to customize depth in technology toward the student's long-term career goals. Technical depth can be provided wholly or partly in several technical areas: biotechnology, environment, e-commerce, systems, information technology, and administration.

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