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Music Master's

A Master in Music degree is an advanced program of study that is concentrated in a particular area of specialization. The typical length of time to complete this degree is two years and students may select from specialties such as conducting, composition, performance, and music education. For example, in conducting, students hone their conducting skills and study a broad spectrum within their selected medium. If students decide to concentrate in music education, they will take literature, theory, and performance classes as well as advanced training in their areas of expertise. Within the performance sector, students partake in activities that produce mastery of a certain type of technical focus such as voice, piano, or an orchestral instrument. As part of the degree curriculum, interactions with peers, faculty, composers, and other musicians are common for students. A Master in Music program emphasizes applied coursework so students engage in traditional classes, ensembles, and usually are mentored by an assigned professor. Recitals are sometimes mandatory and students perform in their concentrations as well as take required written exams. Students who decide to attain their Master’s in Music degrees may find many open doors for professional employment and development as they continue to enter industries of their choosing upon graduating.

Example Courses

  • Foundations of Music Education
  • Introduction to Music Education Research
  • Musicology

Potential Industries

  • Education
  • Music
  • Entertainment

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Boston University Online
  • Georgia Southern University
  • James Madison University

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