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Psychology Master of Science

The Master of Science in Psychology degree offers a wide range of academic and professionally oriented psychology courses. This degree is offered in response to a strong demand from learners and industry leaders for a degree that is designed for those interested in pursuing a strong theoretical foundation in psychology that can be applied to related fields such as sports psychology, pastoral counseling, life coaching, and trainers in business and industry. This program places an emphasis on science and research. The Master of Science in Psychology degree offers an alternative to the Masters of Arts in Psychology degree. The Master of Science Degree is designed to be generally applicable to related fields and does not lead to licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist.


  • Training in diagnosis, assessment, prognosis and treatment of mental disorders;
  • Application of counseling principles and methods;
  • Familiarization with the broad range of psychological issues that may arise within various non-clinical settings.
  • Development of personal qualities that are intimately related to the counseling situation such as integrity, sensitivity, flexibility, insight, compassion and personal presence;
  • Training in the use of a variety of effective psychotherapeutic techniques and modalities to improve, restore or maintain healthy relationships;
  • Development of a multicultural awareness of human diversity as it pertains to situations of assessment and treatment common among California's population.

Admission Requirements:

Admission to the Master's degree programs requires a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent completed at an appropriately accredited institution. The MS in Psychology degree requires 36 graduate semester units beyond the Bachelor's degree.

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