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Teaching Master's

The curriculum for the Master of Arts in Teaching program is designed to prepare individuals to go from the corporate world to the classroom. Coursework provides the pedagogical knowledge and skills needed to be successful in today's secondary classroom.

The program is designed to meet the needs of those with undergraduate degrees focusing on content in social studies, mathematics, sciences, or language arts. Students will be required to attend a one-week summer institute on University Campus during which EDU 528 will be completed. Other courses are offered through a blended format with expectations for assignments to be completed in secondary schools.

Expected Program Outcomes:

1. Articulate key concepts of the disciplines that inform secondary education and apply the integration of these disciplines in classroom settings;

2. Demonstrate how to provide a caring, safe, and student-centered learning environment;

3. Demonstrate reflective practice based on the institutional core values and their impact on secondary education;

4. Analyze and evaluate the multiple bases of curriculum development theory, research, and policy in secondary education to improve teaching and learning;

5. Apply knowledge of research-based instructional and assessment strategies in secondary education to improve teaching and learning;

6. Apply knowledge of secondary education theory and recommended practice in educational environments;

7. Become an accomplished educational practitioner as specified by the State of Florida Professional Education Competencies and the INTASC Principles;

8. Demonstrate an ability to effectively communicate, considering varied community and cultural factors, with diverse audiences (e.g., students, parents, colleagues, and community members);

9. Demonstrate an ability to read and understand the professional literature relevant to secondary education practice and theory;

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