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Visual Communication Master's

People who want to be in the top of the visual communication field may want to complete a master’s degree in visual communication. Students entering a master’s program in visual communication will already have a high level of proficiency and education in the field. Those who complete a master’s degree in visual communication can becomehighly proficient in the disciplines of that field including film, interactive media, digital art, and production. They will use skills in the area of typography, digital image generation, 3D art rendering, and composition to help corporations or clients communicate their particular message in a visual form. Students will become knowledgeable in the practical and technical aspects of their field, taking into consideration the rapid technological development that is occurring on an almost daily basis. Students who complete a master’s in visual communications will be prepared to work at the highest levels of management and production in their field, and they will also be prepared to teach at the secondary and post secondary levels with proper teaching credentials where necessary. A master’s in visual communications programs can take up to three years to complete depending on the type of program. Some programs offer Master of Arts Degrees which generally take about two years to complete, while other programs offer Master of Fine Arts degrees which are terminal degrees and usually take longer to complete.

Example Courses

  • Advanced Typography
  • Packaging Technology
  • Visual Design Propositions

Potential Industries

  • Television and Film
  • Advertising
  • Package Design

Colleges Offering Degree

  • Purdue University
  • Kent State University
  • University of Washington School of Art

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