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Worship Studies: Church Planting Master's

Today you have the opportunity to make an important decision that could significantly impact the lives of others, further your personal ministry and influence the future of worship in the church. By choosing to earn your Master of Arts in Worship Studies you can set that opportunity in motion.

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary’s Master of Arts in Worship Studies program is designed to equip worship leaders to serve the church as skilled, passionate leaders of worship, equipped to address the needs of today’s postmodern culture. Students who choose this specialization are trained in many of the same classes as church planting pastors.This unique educational experience allows the lead teaching pastor and worship leader to develop theological foundations, biblically-based philosophies of ministry and ministry methodology- together. This specialization also includes training in the biblical and theological foundations of worship, biblical leadership techniques, pastoral-staff relations, the varying roles of the worship leader, the ongoing relationship to global worship, the personal life of the leader and techniques for building a balanced worship ministry.

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