Education Connection Interview- LW

Was the gap between high school and college from having your mother come home?

I actually went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania for three years for interior design, up until my senior year and I said I don't want to do this anymore. I changed to family studies and I decided I didn't want to do that and Indiana University of Pennsylvania did not have the major I

wanted. I wanted to do Family Services, so during my time while I was at IUP I tried to  find colleges and my research just wasn't working out for me, so that's how Education Connection came in. I called them and they connected me to Southwestern Christian University and it was so easy. I just called them and they're like: “What do you want?”- Human Services. I want an online school and I wanted to be home so I could work full-time so that was just easy. And Education Connection transferred me to one school and that was all it took, very easy!

I called them and they connected me to Southwestern Christian University and it was so easy. I just called them and they're like: “What do you want?”- Human Services. 

What will you be doing with a degree in Human Services?

Well, I would definitely like to help people that struggle through life. I'd like to be a substance counselor. I would have to go through my counseling degree, as well, but right now I want to get my base in human services I think I'd like to help people that are addicted to drugs, alcohol and help someone.

Why go into counseling?

Because of my mom, I think if she was helped at a younger age she wouldn't have ended up the way she did.

When did you realize you didn't want to do Interior Design?

I was at the psychiatric center with my mom and I was just trying to help her out and one of the counselors said: “You know, you'd be really good at counseling because you really understand and you put yourself in their situation” and I thought about it and I said that is something that I would really like to do.  I'd go to Human Services since it's broader and you can you do you have a lot more choices with Human Services.

What made you use Education Connection?

I was having such a hard time trying to find a college that matched everything that I wanted to get my degree on my own time and work; so I could have an income coming in and I could be independent. And a lot of the schools I was looking into either had to be on the campus have the time and then at home half the time or on the campus at all time and it was just really hard for me to find a school that was matching my criteria. Well, one day I was sitting on the couch and then I remembered the jingle "Education Connection" and I said you know what I'm going to give them a call so I did and the person that answered listened to everything that I he definitely did his job very well and you know Education Connection connected me to Southwestern and that was it from there got I was accepted into there and I'm so glad I called Education Connection because if not, I wouldn't have found Southwestern because on my own doing research they never popped up, so I was just, you know, thankful that they had all that information.

The school seems to be a good fit?

Definitely. I love my school. They're very understanding and they actually even helped me with one of my loans that I owed; they paid half of that once I got out. They said, you know it's basically a gift because they understood where I came from and how hard it was just to come up with all that money and they really wanted me at their school, so they did all that they could to get me there.