Education Connection Interview- Stacey Chandler- Columbus, OH

Education Connection Interview- SC

When you decided to go back to school, you saw the Education Connection commercial on TV. What made you pick up the phone or go to the website?

I mean it really wasn’t like anybody that was on the commercial, it was just that I had been thinking about it. I just said, "You know what; I'm just going to do it". And so I talked to a couple schools and most of them were like: “You have to come to campus" and I said "That's not working for me." I'm a single mom trying to do this by myself. They were like "Well, you have to at least take one..." No, sorry. No. I found one that actually did and they said that I could take everything at home and I love it.  And so, Education Connection helped me find that school. I went online. It was easier. I didn't have to talk to anybody.

I just basically filled out the questionnaire that was on the site and then a couple schools just started calling. And one thing that I liked about the schools they didn’t bother you. If you said, you let me think about it, they didn’t call me back in two weeks. They just gave you that time and that's what I like about it. That's great, because you don't want people calling you 24/7.


"I just basically filled out the questionnaire that was on the site and then a couple schools just started calling"

Let's backtrack to the catchy Education Connection commercial that you saw. Were you skeptical at all that it was a jingle?

I was a little bit. But, I mean if you're going to do it you might as well just go all in. And just take chances that you're going to get something or not get something that you like, so, I mean you just got to go for it.

What out of the commercial, other than it being catchy was there a line in there or something that they said that registered "Hey you know what, maybe this is something I should check out."

In the back of my head when I heard it, it was just like, you know, the Education Connection commercial mention things about getting started, doing this, not to wait and its true. You don't want to wait. You want to get started as soon as possible, so I mean, it took me a while to actually make the decision. I had to see the commercial three or four times, and it was like they're really talking to me. I really need to get off my butt and do this. I need to make something of myself.

You're just like hundreds of thousands of people out there that have children that juggle work, what can you tell me that these people are going to say "You know what, Stacy, her story is a lot like mine." And what would you tell that person that, why they should do it?

If somebody came up and asked me I would say “You know what, you don't want to wait”. You want to get out there and do it; you want to make something of yourself. You don't want to be one of these other ones that said, "I wish I would have done this." I want somebody to say: “Wow, I heard her story and I want to do it: if she did it, I can do it too”

What's your dream job once you have your degree? Is it a large corporation, is it a small one?

I work for a small company now and I love it. They're great. They let me bring my daughter on the weekends and she'll sit there behind my desk. Bigger corporations they want you 24/7. 7-8 days. I mean it’s hard; especially when you don't have somebody to back you up. I know, granted, I have both my parents and I love that but it’s not their job. It’s my responsibility to take care of my child. It’s not anybody else's. It’s just I think the smaller ones understand that.