Education Connection Interview- Dominica Davis- Nashville, TN

Education Connection Interview DD

What was it like not applying to colleges in high school?

It was rough. I wasn't going to the counselor about college. I was going to the counselor to ask about housing. I had my son at fifteen as well. I worked two jobs and I graduated high school. I was constantly under pressure; I had to go to work, take care of my son, and make sure I did my studies. And I really just wanted to get away from my family. It's just a history of drama so I just wanted to get up out of it. I wanted to change the whole scenario; break the cycle. I wasn't in a good area. I was in a prominent low income area’ you don't want to keep seeing the dope boys on the corner, the drug dealers, people constantly getting shot up and raped on the news and I was like: “Oh my gosh. I'm just going to be in this situation my WHOLE LIFE.” And all I kept thinking about my son and when I would at him I was thinking I can do something about it. It's all about my son and I surviving.

"I'm here to tell you that Education Connection can direct you in the right direction that you need to go."

What was it like the first time you saw an Education Connection commercial?

I was fooling around talking and I was jamming "Education Connection!”. I'm walking through it -it's playing like every two to five seconds and I'm thinking: “They keep stopping my program to play it” and I just get drawn into the song. So, as the week is going by, I'm hearing it every night. So now in the daytime I'm singing and I can't get it out of my head. And I'm just, really just starting to hear what I'm saying, the lyrics, not just the hook of the song... And I'm hearing about doing nothing, sitting around on the couch. I'm wasting my time. I could be going to school. I could be getting a better job. Get out of these dead end jobs. I'm barely getting by on these little jobs, these scarps, and nobody wants to be a welfare recipient for the rest of their life, or get some type of assistance from the government.- at least I don't! So I'm like let me just go ahead and get on this website and see what it's talking about and it seemed like it gave you this little personality quiz, it asked you questions and they basically were all about yourself. So I filled it out and it came up with public relations and marketing. It was like you should look into this field - this is the type of personality you have. This would be a good field for you. You might want to research the school, like course catalog, it showed me all the classes. These are the classes for Business that I was already taking at McNally Smith College of Music, so I'm like it's on the same page with what I was doing. Seemed like the perfect fit, so I signed up for it and talked to the counselor, and I've been going ever since.

How would you say Education Connection has benefitted you?

It's made me have an eye opener, coming from the inner-cities, like, ghettos, or small poverty environments where they have maybe one big university/school there and then the rest are the technical colleges, or either just some type of training.  If you've been out of school for a long time, like I was, I was just trying to work and maintain being a single parent, taking care of my son. You're not like the fresh high scholars and say: “ Oh, I'm going to go try this thing this year and this thing this year.” You have to know -- I was determined to fulfill my dream of graduation and finding something that I wanted to pursue and complete, so I felt that it was good for me. Education Connection is going to point you in the right direction and it's not going to give you just one type of avenue. It gave me a list of few schools that offered the same type of degree. I would have a choice of different institutions that I could possibly enroll in and ask them certain questions such as “Who has the cheapest tuition?” “Who has the highest graduation rate?” etc… I'm here to tell you that Education Connection can direct you in the right direction that you need to go.

Your son must be proud of you….

Yes, he is proud of me. He’s saying: “You're the coolest mom. You taught me so many things.” It was a happy feeling but it was still uncomfortable slightly, because I was like, "You're proud of me for what?” Doing what I'm supposed to do?