3 Hot, High Paying Tech Jobs

By Pamela Rossow

High tech jobs

Does coding excite you? Do you dream in HTML? If you are passionate about all things tech related, then working in a tech career after earning your college degree probably interests you. It doesn’t matter if you are earning your degree online or if you are returning to college after a decade long break. There is no better time than now to jumpstart your new career! 

Here are 3 hot, high paying tech jobs . . . 

#1 Database administrator 

If you plan on earning your bachelor’s in information or computer related major[i], then this career could be a good fit for you. You should be detail oriented and have strong problem solving skills. Depending on the company, a master’s in business administration might be necessary as well a bachelor’s. As a database administrator, you might use computer software to organize customer records or other financial information. You could work in industries like healthcare, insurance, or computer systems[ii] and make around $73,490 per year[iii]. 

#2 Computer systems analyst 

While a earning a bachelor’s in computer science is the most likely way to break into this field, you could also have a bachelor’s in liberal arts or business and also know how to create computer programs[iv] to be hired. Analysts usually work with business leaders and may run tests to ensure computer systems are running smoothly, determine if computer upgrades are necessary, and even write instruction manuals[v]. The average salary per year is around $77,740 per year[vi] and the job outlook is faster than average[vii]. 

#3 Web applications developer 

If coming up with security standards and making sure that an organization’s information is safe, then becoming a web applications developer might be a great career for you[viii]. For entry-level careers, a bachelor’s in a computer-related field[ix] is usually necessary and the job outlook is good—faster than usually for all occupations[x]. A web applications developer usually makes around $75,660 per year[xi]. 

If you want more information about earning an online degree in a tech related field so that you may work full-time as well as attend college, contact educationconnection.com for more information about exciting degree programs. Also, find out salary information for various tech jobs by using a site like Salary.com[xii]. It could be helpful to know in advance what types of salaries exist for certain tech careers.

[i] ww.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/database-administrators.htm#tab-4