7 Stress-Relief Tips for College Students

By Pamela Rossow

College can be a wonderful time for many students and yet they may also feel stressed out. According to an article entitled Is Your College Student Stressed? Probably., it states that “85% of students feel stressed on a daily basis.”[i] With finals already here, for some of you, what steps can you take to feel more relaxed and less frazzled? 

Here are some ideas . . 

Leaving it all on the dance floor

If you enjoy dancing, it may be a great way to get those endorphins flowing and just have a good time. Because dancing ‘uses a lot of muscles and it’s also playful,’[ii] you might experience a mood boost. 


Talking to your roommate or bestie might help get rid of some of the negative energy you’re feeling. Even better than a phone call? A face-to-face session. Try grabbing a cup of coffee together or dishing over some dark chocolate. 

Stress ball

Do these things even work? Apparently so. Since your body tightens up when you’re stressed, squeezing a stress ball could induce some relaxation. While it isn’t as effective as exercise, if you’re stuck tapping away at your computer while writing a final term paper, it could be a temporary substitute. 

Cry it out

Sometimes a good cry is all you need. Did you just find out that your favorite childhood pet died the night before your English final? Crying might help get rid of those stress hormones[iii]. 


This stress relieving technique is so popular because it seems to work for a lot of people. In addition to the release of endorphins[iv], it can also ‘increase your mental function.’[v] Just another reason to hit the gym, go for a walk, or try a yoga class before a big study session. 

Deep breathing

This exercise can be done virtually anywhere and it may have cleansing effects. Our bodies are “designed to release 70% of its toxins through breathing.”[vi] When you are angry or stressed, your breathing tends to be shallower. Deep breaths out can release carbon dioxide leaving you calmer. 


If you are really angry, sometimes it may be cathartic to write down your thoughts. Of course, you’ll want to dispose of the letter after writing it since rereading it might stress you out again. A shredder could be a great investment!

Whatever methods best suits you for relieving stress, it’s important to do so. Being a college student, you will have to deal with stressors and, if you have some techniques already in place to help you relax, you may find it easier to deal with realities like final exams!

[i] ww.collegeparents.org/members/resources/articles/your-college-student-stressed-probably