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$6,345: Granted to College Students through Grants
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For 2020-21, $6,345 is the maximum Federal Grant amount an individual student may receive based on many qualifying factors.i Don’t put off earning your degree because it seems unaffordable—it may be time to find out if you qualify for any type of financial aid. Here are the popular types of financial aid that may be available to qualified students to help pay for college:

Grants: Schools may award grants to qualified students in addition to those available through the government to those who qualify.
Scholarships: Your grades, heritage, religious affiliation, and other factors may qualify you for these.
Student loans: The advisor you speak to may know if the school you are matched with offers private loans and which federal loans you may be eligible to pursue.
Military options: If you are or were in the military, be sure to ask a representative at the school you plan to attend what your funding options may be.

86% of students in 2017-2018 received some type of financial aid while attending a 4-year institution.ii

78% of students in 2017-2018 received some type of financial aid while attending a 2-year institution.ii

$13,100: The average 2017-2018 grant and scholarship aid received by students at 4-year institutions.iii

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