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Sometimes circumstances mean you can’t leave home to earn your degree. But that’s ok, because studying online could bring you that much closer toward achieving your education goals – even if you never leave your comfy couch! Students who recently participated in online education agreed that: (1) their online classes were interesting and compelling, (2) their instructor presented the material so that they were able to learn, and (3) they'll be able to apply that course in their current or future workplace.iv

Earning Potential
Bachelor’s degree holders earned over $23,900 more per year in 2017 than HS diploma holders.i

Lower Unemployment
Bachelor’s degrees holders experience 45% lower unemployment than those with a HS diploma.i

Enhanced Opportunities
Employment of Bachelor’s-level roles is projected to grow 10% from 2016 to 2026.ii

Rise to Your Full Potential

A brighter future starts with prioritizing your education and finding options that make sense for you. Just fill out our easy form and we’ll match you with top online colleges in minutes. Take the first step towards earning your college degree online—and becoming your best self—today.

76% of students said their online program helped them achieve the goal that motivated them to enroll.iii

72% found their online program to be very worth their time and money.iii

75% reported having access to career services while enrolled in their online program.iii