Health care takes many forms and serves hundreds of functions. In the same way that a doctor in pediatrics cares for children and adolescents and surgeons operate on patients while diagnosticians specialize in identifying health problems beforehand, there are dozens more niche areas where other particular health care professionals are needed.

Certified nurse midwives are some of those niche health care providers. In the broad realm of medicine, certified nurse midwives specialize in providing care to women specifically, often focusing on prenatal care, labor and delivery. However, the duties of a certified nurse midwife can extend well beyond that. They also may conduct gynecological exams or help patients research family planning services. After delivery, nurse midwives may also provide assistance to mothers and newborns.

While certified nurse midwives may not work in the exact same context as other nurses, they still must achieve specific educational merits and certifications before practicing legally, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics[i]. This often requires taking exams, receiving a specified amount of training and more. For that reason, many hopeful certified nurse midwives look to online courses to gain more knowledge about the field and start pursuing a career. Moreover, many students may prefer online classes because they often do not require commuting and can be taken various times throughout the day.


Here are some things to consider when choosing a nurse practitioner program:

  • All certified nurse midwives must earn a master’s degree in a related field from an accredited program before practicing, according to the BLS[i].
  • Not only do these classes include relevant course subjects in anatomy, pharmacology and physiology, they also require students to complete programs outside of the classroom. All students are required to attain a certain amount of clinical experience to receive a degree.
  • Along with a master’s degree, certified nurse midwives may also be required to receive certification by the American Midwifery Certification Board.
  • Before signing up for online courses, make sure the course work covers the subjects necessary and is accredited. Also, inquire about possible clinical experience opportunities and how your learning in the classroom will prepare you for certification exams later.


Certified nurse midwives are incredibly important to many pregnant mothers and children. However, they are only responsible for one specific area of health care. Your time taking online courses may encourage you to pursue other areas as well. Explore your options with statistics compiled by the BLS.

See the BLS for annual median salary
Job growth through 2022: 31 percent (much faster than average)
Entry-level education: Master’s degree


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