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Every organization that delivers a product or service needs a sound marketing strategy. From designing commercials to creating Web advertisements to leasing space for billboards and more, the promotional activities a company engages in plays a critical role in sales and the overall health of the business. But how does an organization decide what marketing efforts to use? How can it tell that online promotions will perform better than TV ads or vice versa, and how does it adjust those investments accordingly?

It's up to marketing managers to find those answers. Marketing managers work with art directors, Web traffic analysts, sales agents and others to carefully design marketing strategies to generate the most positive attention for a product or service. Everything from the color of a logo to the wording of an advertisement is reviewed and approved by a marketing manager.

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Tactful marketing strategies play a pivotal role in the workplace, and designing the most effective program often takes exceptional analytical skills and intense research. For that reason, you may consider taking online courses in marketing management. Many students choose online classes for their flexibility and convenience in pursuing opportunities in the marketing field.

Are Online Marketing Manager Programs for You?

Here are some things to consider when choosing an online marketing manager program:

  • Many employers require a bachelor's degree for marketing management positions, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics[i]. Acceptable bachelor's degree programs often explore subjects like consumer behavior, sales, communications, market research and visual arts.
  • There are also particular skills that may give some prospective marketing managers an advantage, such as computer science, finance, business law, big data analysis and statistics.
  • Along with a relevant educational background, employers also tend to value work experience. For this reason, many students focus on finding internships in marketing, promotions, public relations or sales.
  • While a strong background in communications and marketing is necessary, marketing management positions often require budgeting, negotiation and administrative skills as well.
  • Before signing up for online courses, consider what subjects the classes cover and how each area of study may enhance your career opportunities. Also, inquire about how online resources can help you search for internships.

Marketing Manager Career Paths and Potential Salaries

Courses in marketing management may help you pursue other careers as well. Study which options may be available using statistics compiled by the BLS.

Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers[i]

These are the marketing leaders in a company. They plan all advertising campaigns and play an administrative role in the marketing department. They brainstorm ideas for promotions, collaborate with graphic designers and audio visual professionals, negotiate marketing budgets and contracts, and evaluate the effectiveness of the projects after launch. 

  • See the BLS for median annual salary information
  • Job growth through 2022: 12 percent (average)
  • Entry-level education: Bachelor's degree

Advertising Sales Agents[ii]

When a marketing manager negotiates a contract for marketing space, they correspond with an advertising sales agent. These professionals work with clients to develop promotional plans that fit a particular format. An example may be leasing space for a billboard with appropriate illustration space for a company's advertising plans.

  • See the BLS for median annual salary information
  • Job growth through 2022: -1 percent (little change)
  • Entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent

Market Research Analysts[iii]

Every marketing strategy requires appropriate data to make important decisions. Marketing managers need information about consumers and the media they use to make appropriate strategic decisions, and it's up to market research analysts to find those answers. These professionals collect, analyze and distribute sales and consumer information to clients and management.

  • See the BLS for median annual salary information
  • Job growth through 2022: 32 percent (much faster than average)
  • Entry-level education: Bachelor's degree

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