How to Get an ‘A’ on Your Internship Interview

Dec 05, 2013 No Comments by

With the holidays coming up quickly, you may be thinking about your college winter break. What can you do that might give your resume a boost and help you learn valuable skills? How about a college internship? While some internships are for lengthy periods of time such as over the summer months, you might find […]

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Tips for Jumpstarting a Career as a College Grad

Nov 26, 2013 No Comments by

While college may be the most exciting four years of your life for most students, there is the task of finding employment after graduation. This reality might cause stress and tension because now-a-days it may not be the easiest to jumpstart a career. What are some things you could do to potentially increase the odds […]

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Female College Success

Nov 21, 2013 No Comments by

If you are a woman and attending college, you may bring some special attributes to your education. Whether you are a psychology, biology or IT major, you could possess unique traits that foster inspiration and motivation in your studies. It doesn’t matter if you are a college freshman straight out of high school or a […]

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Why You Should or Shouldn’t Earn a PhD

Nov 14, 2013 No Comments

You may have wondered about earning an online college PhD. Maybe you have a family member who has his doctorate or your friends are planning their doctoral degree programs. What do you need to be aware of to make an informed decision about your future educational career? Here are some reasons why you should or […]

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Get Noticed by Your College Professor for the Right Reasons

Nov 05, 2013 No Comments

The semester is still early enough for you to make a positive impression on your college professors. If you are a college freshman or you have returned to school as a nontraditional student after a long absence, there are some tricks you might want to know to get yourself noticed. Here are 6 tips . […]

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Celebrating College Halloween

Oct 29, 2013 No Comments

When you were a kid, Halloween was the best. You may have dressed up in your favorite Superhero costume, gone trick or treating with your friends, and scored enough candy to last you a couple of months. If you are a college student, Halloween could be even more fun!  There’s no curfew, there’s still candy, […]

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How to Be a College Leader

Oct 25, 2013 No Comments

Being a leader and attending college may be possible if you are willing to do the work. Many employers value employees with leadership qualities so if you begin now in college you could be helping to jumpstart your career that might improve the world. What are some college leadership tips? Here are 6 tips:  Teamwork. […]

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Gyms: How College Students Can Ward Off the Freshman 15

Oct 22, 2013 No Comments

While there is some debate about whether the freshman 15 is a myth or not, there is evidence to suggest that more college women than men are concerned about weight gain. A recent study published in the journal Appetite reveals that when “women gained weight, their eating attitudes worsened and body dissatisfaction rose”[i]. College men […]

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How to College Rise and Shine

Oct 17, 2013 No Comments

If you are a college student, you may struggle with getting up early to make it to those infamous 8AM lectures. Okay—maybe you find it challenging to log in for your 10AM online class. For nontraditional students who have to send children off to school every morning and get themselves ready for their college classes, […]

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Repaying Your Federal Student Loans: Not as Scary as You Think

Mar 27, 2014 No Comments

The feeling of accomplishment when you graduate is a uniquely beautiful thing. Then it hits you—now you need to start repaying your student loans! Don’t fear. Take a look at how to repay your federal student loans—the what, the how, and the how much. Get an idea of repayment options: When you’re just getting started […]

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Focusing Strategies for Online Learning

Mar 27, 2014 No Comments

We’re in it—the Digital Age. And it’s all too easy to lose focus while studying for your online courses. Here comes another Facebook notification. A 50% off email from your favorite online store. And what a hilarious video! It’s enough to make your eyes blur. Here are some tips for staying fresh and focused on […]

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The Value of College English Majors

Oct 15, 2013 No Comments

With so much value place on STEM degrees now-a-days, college students who are earning their English degrees may not be viewed in the best light by potential employers. However, there are reasons why English majors may be changing that mindset. Some recruiting managers are realizing that English majors are good hires and here’s why . […]

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How to Build Your Personal College Brand

Oct 11, 2013 No Comments

If you are earning your college degree online or you are a traditional student, you are your own personal brand. If you are not an advertising or public relations major, what should you know about branding yourself that could make you more marketable after graduation? Here are 3 tips to polish your personal, college brand . […]

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Cell Phones and College Students

Oct 08, 2013 No Comments

If you are a college student, chances are you own a cell phone. In a recent study of college students of freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior status, 99% of them said that they had cell phones and 95% of them brought their phones to class everyday[i]. What should you be aware of as a college […]

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5 Tips for Sneaking in an Office Workout for College Students

Oct 03, 2013 No Comments

If you are attending college online while working full-time and juggling family responsibilities, it might be hard to squeeze in some workouts. Maybe you are majoring in a health and wellness degree and want to try out some tips you’ve read about. What can you do during your day job that might help you burn […]

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10 Tips for Writing a Professional College Email

Oct 02, 2013 No Comments

If you are a college student and networking, you will probably be sending a lot of emails. Upon graduation and after beginning your career, you may be shocked at how many emails you compose in a day. What are some tips for sending professional looking emails that you can practice while you are still in […]

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How to Survive Your First College Class

Sep 26, 2013 No Comments

If you are a freshman who is attending college for the first time or a nontraditional student who is working full-time while earning a degree online, there are basic tips you should know when it comes to making it through that initial college class. While each class will probably be a different experience for you, […]

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7 College Tips for Making the Most of Freshman Year

Sep 19, 2013 No Comments

So you’ve graduated high school or are heading back to college as a nontraditional student for the fall semester. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of college life and are wondering what you can do to make the adjustment a bit easier. How about some suggestions that could make your freshman […]

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How to Score Great College Deals

Sep 17, 2013 No Comments

Whether you are a first-semester college student, a nontraditional student returning after starting a family, or a college senior, there are ways you can cut college costs and keep the savings in your bank account. What you should know could help make college a bit more affordable and allow you to breathe easier when it’s […]

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Careers to Help You Improve the World

Sep 11, 2013 No Comments

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back-to-school and earn a college degree in a field that might give the world a helping hand? If the thought intrigues you and you’d like more information about possible career choices that could make the world a little bit nicer, here are some employment […]

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Foods to Boost College Brain Power

Sep 10, 2013 No Comments

If you will be starting college this fall, there’s no better time than now to jumpstart your health. With all those papers to write, exams to study for, and juggling work plus a social life, it’s best to get all the help you can. Why not adopt healthy eating habits now so that when you have […]

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How to Save College Money

Sep 04, 2013 No Comments

When you hear the word “college” now-a-days, you usually don’t think of cheap. You may consider the value of a college education or how your online degree will help you after graduation. Federal and private loans with interest may pop into your head, along with the cost of tuition. So what can you do to […]

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Eating Healthy on a Budget for College Students

Aug 30, 2013 No Comments

Whether it’s 3.5 pounds, 4 pounds, 10 pounds, or even the dreaded Freshman 15, packing on some extra pounds during the first year of college seems to be a reality for many students[i]. What are some steps you can take to prevent unwanted weight gain as you begin college this fall? Here are 6 tips […]

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College Accreditation: What Does It Mean?

Aug 19, 2013 No Comments

Maybe you’ve heard the terms “college accreditation” before but you don’t really know what all the fuss is about. What does it have to do with you and your college career? How could it impact your future if you don’t understand what it is before you enroll in an online college degree program?  Here are […]

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3 Hot, High Paying Tech Jobs

Aug 13, 2013 No Comments

Does coding excite you? Do you dream in HTML? If you are passionate about all things tech related, then working in a tech career after earning your college degree probably interests you. It doesn’t matter if you are earning your degree online or if you are returning to college after a decade long break. There […]

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Tips for Adults Going Back to College

Aug 08, 2013 No Comments

Starting college in the fall semester might be stress provoking for any student. However, imagine it’s been years since you’ve graduated high school—maybe even a decade or longer—and you have made up your mind to earn your degree. Maybe you desire a career change or would like a chance of moving up the ranks in […]

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Mommy Guilt and the Nontraditional College Student

Aug 07, 2013 No Comments

You are preparing for your fall semester. You selected your online college, registered for classes, made sure your computer and software meets the required tech specifications required, and then it hits—mommy guilt. Mommy guilt isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s been around and it can strike anywhere, any time. Most moms aren’t immune—especially if you are […]

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Work From Home Careers

Jul 31, 2013 No Comments

If you are earning your college degree online and are honing skills like communication—oral and written—along with other basics such as professionalism, time management, and problem-solving, you could find it easier to jumpstart a work from home career. Just like earning an online degree may be more flexible than attending college in-person, a work from […]

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7 Tips for Landing a Glowing Recommendation Letter

Jul 23, 2013 No Comments

Summer has only just begun yet you are already thinking about enrollment in your fall college classes. You want to make sure you stand the best chance for success so you’re planning ahead. Part of planning ahead and getting organized means receiving some amazing recommendation letters from professors you respect—before graduation. What can you do […]

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5 Tips for Improving Your College Finances

Jul 23, 2013 No Comments

Whether you are a traditional student who is attending college in-person, a nontraditional student—i.e. you have children or have returned to college later in life in the hopes of making a career change—or you are earning your degree online, solid financial advice may be hard to come by in this age of plastic and living […]

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How to Boost College Motivation

Jul 18, 2013 No Comments

If you are earning your college degree whether online or in-person, you know that remaining motivated could be an important key to your college success. What can you do when your good intentions waver on getting a head start on that Western Civ term paper or when your energy flags and you have trouble waking […]

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6 Online Etiquette Tips for College Students

Jul 18, 2013 No Comments

For those of you may be earning your degree online for the first time, you may find yourself as overwhelmed as traditional students attending a first lecture. You might have to ensure that you have met certain tech requirements, have introduced yourself to your professor via email, connected with classmates by way of a discussion […]

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8 Healthy Items for Back-To-College

Jul 12, 2013 No Comments

If you are anticipating a busy fall semester, what better time to prepare than over the lazy days of summer? Okay, maybe not so lazy if you’re juggling a full-time job and your kids’ social lives but you get the drift. The sun is shining, the days are longer . . . life feels a […]

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10 Nonverbal Body Language Tips for Boosting Confidence

Jul 09, 2013 No Comments

It is believed to take only seven to 17 seconds to make a first impression[i]. If you are a college student who wants to “wow” your professor with more than just good grades, you may be able to with nonverbal body language. Words are important, of course. How you participate in class discussions and formulate […]

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Student Loan Rates Have Doubled

Jul 02, 2013 No Comments

Monday, July 1st is the day that student rates doubled—jumping up from 3.4% to 6.8%[i]. It was not good news for students who will be taking out subsidized Stafford loans to pay for their college education. Those students who do use Stafford loans should pay around an additional $2,600 in interest loan fees[ii].  After meeting […]

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3 Tips If You’re Undecided

Jun 27, 2013 No Comments

Summer is nearly here and maybe you just finished your first year earning your college degree. The heat is on to pick a college major and you have no idea what subject you want to earn your degree in. Your dad is an engineer and you like math so engineering may be a possibility, your […]

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Dishing About Popular College Ranking Sites

Jun 25, 2013 No Comments

Deciding on your college plan and where you want to attend may be a bit confusing at times. Should you go to a school that offers a desirable work-study program? Maybe you are more concerned about how the school measures up in terms of sports or aesthetics? What about financial aid in the form of […]

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How to Use Social Media to Find Scholarship Info

Jun 18, 2013 No Comments

With 94% of first-year college students using social media sites[i], social media has “become an integral part of everyday life”[ii] for many people. What about using social media to help find scholarships or grants to apply to? Instead of playing Words With Friends daily, you might use that time to dig a bit and see […]

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5 Tips for Conducting an Informational Interview

Jun 14, 2013 No Comments

If you are a high school senior who is excited to be starting college this summer or a nontraditional student who will be earning your degree online in the fall, you may have heard the chatter about the importance of internships. You may not, however, have heard of informational interviews.  Informational interviews[i] are exactly as […]

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4 Tips for Discerning Financial Aid Award Letters

Jun 11, 2013 No Comments

For most college students, the cost of tuition weighs heavily upon their minds. You may have applied to colleges, received acceptance letters, and now have big choices to make. Financial aid may be the deciding factor when selecting which college you will attend. Sometimes, though, the financial aid award letters are confusing or downright impossible […]

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7 Stress-Relief Tips for College Students

Jun 05, 2013 No Comments

College can be a wonderful time for many students and yet they may also feel stressed out. According to an article entitled Is Your College Student Stressed? Probably., it states that “85% of students feel stressed on a daily basis.”[i] With finals already here, for some of you, what steps can you take to feel […]

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Red Flag Relationship Warning Signs

May 31, 2013 No Comments

Maybe you are interested in earning a psychology degree so you can counsel others and help them try to heal their relationships. Could be your parents divorced when you were young so you want to assist children in coping with similar scenarios within a school setting.  How about forensic psychology? Psychology and criminal justice might […]

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Creative Ways to Make Cash this Summer

May 30, 2013 No Comments

In case you somehow didn’t get the memo about scholarship secrets, that the sequester seems to be a reality or that you shouldn’t Facebook friend your professor, summer is coming! This news alone should make you feel happy and less stressed.  When does summer begin exactly? While for you, it may start the minute you […]

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5 Tips for Earning a Graduate Degree in Education

May 24, 2013 No Comments

If you enjoy working with children, have logged numerous hours babysitting, and are thinking about an advanced, graduate degree program in education, you might be on the right track. What should you know about choosing a master’s or PhD degree path in education?  Here are some pointers . . . .  Additional coursework. If you […]

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Tips for Celebrating National Bike Month This May

May 17, 2013 No Comments

May is National Bike Month[i]. If you are in college and earning an environmental degree, this month may be the perfect one for you to try something new and help the earth. Not only could you pad your wallet with extra cash that you won’t be spending at the gas pump, you might even organize […]

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The Most Employable College Majors

May 13, 2013 No Comments

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, between 2010-2020, the U.S. is projected to add 20.5 million new jobs. This employment number reflects an overall growth of 14.3%! This is good news if you are a high school senior or a nontraditional student who will be attending college.  How about a major that is […]

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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day All Year

May 09, 2013 No Comments

Another commercialized holiday is soon to arrive—Mother’s Day. Along with it, the flowers, plethora of greeting cards, and tokens of appreciation—maybe even some bling. However, when you think about your mom and all that she’s done for you (e.g. looong hours of labor, countless sacrifices, supporting you in earning your college degree), it doesn’t seem […]

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7 Things to Consider Before Grad School

May 06, 2013 No Comments

According to the National Center for Education and Statistics (NCES), 756,000 master’s degrees and 174,700 doctoral degrees are anticipated to be granted between 2012-2013.[i] That’s a lot of graduate degrees! What do you need to consider before filling out grad school applications?  Here are some suggestions: GPA in your major. If you’re considering grad school, […]

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Breaking News about Sequestration and Reduced Federal Grants

Apr 30, 2013 No Comments

In recent news about the sequester—or budget cuts that should impact the distribution of federal financial aid to certain college students—the Information for Financial Aid Professionals or IFAP[i] has released the latest data via an electronic announcement[ii].  It comes on the heels of three other announcements dated March 1st, 2013[iii], March 15th, 2013[iv], and April […]

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Cleaning Out Your Facebook Friend List? Who Not to Defriend

Apr 29, 2013 No Comments

With Facebook users at 1.06 billion and college students being advised to watch what they share with the social media world, there emerges a process of cleaning up Facebook accounts—friend lists included. As college graduation looms and thoughts turn towards post-grad pursuits, you may be tempted to unfriend people who you do not think you’ll […]

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Scam to Scram: Avoiding Financial Aid College Cons

Apr 26, 2013 No Comments

With the U.S. Department of Education estimating around $150 billion in federal student aid and rising tuition costs, it’s no wonder that many students are motivated to complete FAFSAs, spend hours researching scholarships and grants, and do their best to find legitimate financial aid rewards. Fortunately, for many students, they do receive aid and their […]

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3 Options After Graduation Besides Starting A Career

Apr 22, 2013 No Comments

You will be graduating from college soon. Not only will you have earned your degree, you may have figured out how to write great cover letters for your resumes, remained calm by going on multiple job interviews, and researched possible careers. However, you still might harbor some uncertainty as to what you will do once […]

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What You Shouldn’t Consider When Choosing a College

Apr 18, 2013 No Comments

Okay—so there seems to be a general consensus that college age students are known to change their minds—frequently. You probably have heard of the stat that suggests around 80% of college students change their major at least once. Yep—well, in an effort to help dispel some of the swaying back and forth, these are some […]

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Dress For Test Success

Apr 15, 2013 No Comments

According to Nationwide, most college students spend 40% of their income on discretionary items like clothing and entertainment. Therefore, dressing for success is a viable option for many students—especially during exams.  While there may not be concrete evidence citing that dressing better automatically guarantees you an A on your psych final, taking the time to […]

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5 Apps to Make Studying a Snap

Apr 11, 2013 No Comments

Technology has become synonymous with college students. It’s no wonder. In a sampling of 500 college students, 73% of them said they cannot study without technology. What apps can help you buckle down and manage your academic workload without making you feel like pulling your hair out when you glance at your syllabus?  Here are 5 […]

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5 Tips for Online College Class Success

Apr 09, 2013 No Comments

More and more college students are turning to online education. According to Course Hero, the number of students who chose distance learning classes between 1998 and 2008 increased by 150%. Now that’s a large percentage of students!  What about you? If you have made the decision to earn your degree online or you will be […]

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Digital Resumes: What Every College Student Should Know

Apr 04, 2013 No Comments

If you are a college student who will soon graduate and enter the work world—degree in hand— you will need to have an amazing resume. How about, in addition to your paper resume, you go digital, too?  According to John Mee, president of Career Virtual:  [p]eople remember 11 percent of what they read, 20 percent […]

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Navigating the FAFSA as a Non-Traditional Student

Apr 02, 2013 No Comments

Whether you are a single mom returning to college after a 10-year hiatus, a self-employed business professional who wants to earn his online MBA or a health care employee who wants to improve her chances of moving up the ladder, don’t let applying for federal aid intimidate you.  The FAFSA today is not the FAFSA of […]

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Aromatherapy and More: 7 Tips for Acing College Exams

Mar 27, 2013 2 Comments

If there is one thing high school students know before entering college for the first time, it’s that they are going to have to study.  A recent study at the University of California has discovered that the average student studied 24 hours per week back in 1961 while now-a-days the number has dropped to only […]

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How to Stop Hackers from Stealing Your College Info

Mar 26, 2013 No Comments

Your college semester is well underway . Some of you have new toys laptops, tablets and phones. Just how secure are your devices? If the last time you thought about cyber security was sometime around skinny jeans experiencing a resurgence, then you need to reassess how you protect your personal data.  Whether you are sitting in a coffee […]

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6 Advantages of an Online College Education

Mar 21, 2013 No Comments

Distance learning AKA online education is a great way for college students to earn a degree. There are many bonuses to taking your education online. For nontraditional students who are parents and have to juggle family and careers, in addition to earning degrees, online education is a great alternative to physical campuses.  According to the […]

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Don’t FB Friend Your Professors – Just Don’t

Mar 18, 2013 No Comments

According to Statistic Brain, 1.2 billion people use Facebook worldwide. That’s a lot of people using one social media site.  It’s no surprise that many college students use smart phones to Tweet, update their Facebook statuses, and posts memes on Tumblr. Even college professors have gotten in on the action. Social Media Today states that […]

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6 Ways to Feast For St. Paddy’s Day

Mar 15, 2013 No Comments

St. Paddy’s Day is a great college holiday to celebrate whether you are Irish or not. While those of you who are of legal age may have only one thing in mind Guinness regarding March 17th, there are great food ideas to make this feast day special (culinary majors know this).  Since the Irish have […]

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Finding the Perfect College Major and Minor

Mar 13, 2013 No Comments

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics):  “Between 2002 and 2012, more than 14 million job openings are projected to be filled by workers who have a bachelor’s or graduate degree and who are entering an occupation for the first time.”  That’s a lot of jobs—and degree choices. While some of you who […]

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36 Tips for Saving Money in College

Mar 04, 2013 No Comments

As a college student, you are always looking for ways to save money. Whether it is through delving into scholarship and loan sites and/or interviewing for part-time jobs to help pay for tuition, saving money is as much about managing it.  According to the White House:  “Because of the high costs of college, about two-thirds […]

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What You Need to Know About Sleep

Feb 28, 2013 No Comments

With spring, things like getting organized, planning for midterms and mapping out study times generally occurs. What about sleep? According to Stanford University, ‘the average sleep requirement for college students is well over eight hours’ and this statistic poses a question. Just how much sleep are you getting as a college student? Is it enough? […]

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College Applications and What You Need to Know–Now

Feb 26, 2013 2 Comments

If you are a high school junior or senior and planning on attending college, filling out college applications is inevitable. However, the process doesn’t have to be an overwhelming one and there are some tips that could ease your mind.  “Nightmare” college application scenarios do not have to exist and, if they do, they can […]

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Austen Addicts—Let’s Celebrate

Feb 22, 2013 No Comments

Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us. ~Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice  With the recent celebration of the 200th anniversary of Pride and […]

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Obama Administration Releases College Scorecard

Feb 19, 2013 2 Comments

Right before Valentine’s Day, the Obama administration made good on President Obama’s desire to aid students and parents regarding the selection of a college. Mr. Obama, in his 2013 State of the Union address, spoke of releasing:  “a new “College Scorecard” that parents and students can use to compare schools based on a simple criteria […]

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How Not to Fail College

Oct 31, 2013 No Comments

Whether you’re a traditional or online student, no one wants to fail college. While there is no magic wand to turn that D paper into an A, there are some tips to get back into a successful, college groove. Here are 4 of them . . .  You’ve got your A, now what? A wise […]

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