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Over the years, Education Connection has released a variety of memorable commercials. Whether you're a fan of the "Get Connected For Free" pop song, or are interested in seeing testimonials from real users, you've come to the right place.

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What do you think of our new commercial? Here are the lyrics:

"I was sitting in my room thinking hows it gonna be
Needed skills a good job and a college degree
I knew the thing I needed was to get more knowledge
To really get ahead I had to get enrolled in college
But who was gonna help me find a school that's right for me?
Education Connection get matched for free!
Education Connection, Education Connection!
Get matched for free!
Use Education Connection to find a school that's right.
It fits my budget and schedule, I can study day or night.
It's the perfect match, so easy to find
They even show me how I can go to school online
Getting matched is easy as one, two, three!
They've helped two million people just like me!
Education Connection, get matched for free!"






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