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In an international business degree program, you will study how a business operates. Then, you will apply these key functions to the global marketplace.

In most programs, you will touch on topics from management to finance, and, you will cover a foreign language. As a result, when you graduate, you hopefully will have acquired a myriad of skills. As such, you will be prepared to do business with companies, banks and people from all over the world.



A.S. in International Business

In this program, you will blend business, political science and finance courses. You will also study the ethical impact of international business. It may help you understand basic business practices. The hope is the program prepares you for an entry level career at global firms.

Course Examples:

  • International Marketing
  • International Economics
  • Intercultural Communication

B.S. (B.S.B.A.) in Business Administration  International Business

In this bachelor’s program, you will study a business and management core. It may help you understand these areas well. Yet, you will be prepared to understand the global economy. Some courses you take will touch on themes like cross cultural communication. Others you take will cover global negotiation. And in a few courses, you will discuss trade law and leadership for virtual teams.

Course Examples:

  • Global Managerial Economics
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • International Business Practices

M.B.A. International Business

If you choose an M.B.A. track, you will focus foremost on international law, economics, and marketing. You will also learn about TQM in International Business. Plus, you will cover strategic management in order to prepare you as a leader and manager in the international context.

Course Examples:

  • International Business Finance
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Leadership and Management


In a typical international business degree program, you will complete a 120 credit course load, and earn a bachelor’s degree. Your work will consist of general and core courses. Also, you will likely complete some type of capstone. Even if you pursue your degree online, you may also have an opportunity to study abroad.

Most course plans, you will find, include topics from different disciplines. One such topic you can expect to study is business. Another you can expect to cover is management. Topics in this area may explain to you how to market a product to other countries. Or, you will cover the logistics of international trade.

Another area which you are likely to study is international finance. In these classes, you may discuss investments, tariffs and interest rates. So, you may learn to assess risks and profit margins.

Along the way, you will often study wider contexts for these issues. So, you will cover areas like global economics and comparative politics. You may have to learn a foreign language, too.

Yet, in other courses, you may cover ethics, laws and conduct. For instance, you could cover how to interact with virtual teams. In fact, you may also find classes in cross cultural communication and global negotiation.

Apart from your classes, you may have the opportunity to build a wide range of skills. As such, you may improve your ability to write and make effective presentations. You will also improve your decision making. For instance, you will learn how to assess risk. You will also cover how to analyze data. And, you will come up with tactical plans.


As you can see, there are different kinds of online international business programs available. What does this mean for you? Well, your classes will depend as much on your program’s level (A.S., B.S., M.S., M.B.A., Ph.D.) as it will on your program’s focus. Below, you will see a sample curriculum with some examples of course descriptions. You can also see the program names. And, you can use them to see where your interests lie.

Some common courses include:

International Marketing: You will examine how business markets products and services worldwide. It may also discuss domestic strategies and how to adapt them. This may mean studying how economics, politics and culture impact campaigns.

International Finance: This type of class often explores the world of corporate finance and investments. It may highlight things like how to figure out exchange rates and risks. Other topics may also relate to international money markets, banking and financing.

International Business Communications: Learn how to effectively communicate across cultures by learning to address political, economic, social, cultural and military concerns of the local populations during business campaigns.

International Economics: Here, you will often look at key economic variables that affect firms. These might cover things like GDP, inflation, interest and exchange rates. Other topics may cover international trade and regional issues in the global economy.

Intercultural Communication: Learn how to change your message for a new audience. In this course, you may look at methods that could help you reach other cultures.

Strategic Management: Delve into the methods of managing on a global stage. This course may use case studies to help show how managers achieve success.


As a full time student, you may need up to four years to earn an international business degree.  Going further, you can get a graduate degree. If you pursue an M.S. or M.B.A. program, it will usually take you from one to two years. Or if you pursue a doctoral program, like the D.B.A., it may take you three to six years.

If you have transfer credits to apply to your degree, you can shorten your completion time. Many online schools, you will find, also offer accelerated programs. So, you can take a full course load with no summer breaks.



School# of Credits RequiredStart DatesMinimum Months to Complete
Ashford University120Multiple208 weeks
Colorado Technical University180May, July, August15 terms or less
Colorado Christian University120Fall, Spring, Summer70 weeks


Are you wondering about cost? Well, one of the things that may impact how much it costs you to earn a degree in international business, is where you study. You will find the average in state tuition is $7,716. While you will find the  average out of state tuition to be  $35,715.

What else will influence the cost of your tuition? Well,  you will find the amount of credits you need to complete really matters. Here, again, if you have transfer credits, they may be useful. This is because you will be able to reduce your expenses if you can use them. In the table below, you can find an outline for the cost per credit at several schools.

School# of Credits RequiredCost Per CreditTotal Tuition Cost
Ashford University120$485$58,200
Colorado Technical University180$325$58,500
Regent University120$395$47,400


According to DataUSA, you will find over 598 schools that offer International business, trade, and commerce degrees or programs. From those schools, you will see 9,101 International business, trade, or commerce degrees or programs awarded to students.

School2021 Degrees awarded2022/23 Tuition (out of state unless *)
Florida International University670$18,963
Hult International Business School189$50,825*
University of South Carolina Columbia270$33,928
Arizona State University Campus Immersion288$30,592
Wayne State University249$31,364
George Washington University132$62,200*
Georgetown University108$62,052*

Estimated for full time, beginning undergrad students


Do you know what it means to choose an accredited school? Well, if you choose a school that has regional accreditation, it means your school has another tier of approval. It shows you that your business school or specific program, meets quality standards.

What do you think a school needs to do to earn this status? You will usually find that a school needs to submit to a full review. This process, you should know, checks that your school’s curriculum is up to date. Also, you will find, it confirms the curriculum is ethical. The review will also confirm that your school is prepared to prep you for the industry.

You will find the school’s status is usually good for a period of time. For instance, with the AACSB, your review will last five years. What does this mean for you and your school? Well, after this time, your school needs to undergo another formal process. Again, you should know, this is to check courses and student outcomes.

You can find several agencies involved in this process. If you want to verify the status of your program or school, you can check the databases below.


Did you know there are 11.5 million people in the international business workforce? You will be happy to know that employment estimates are going up by 3.28%. The most common age for employees, you will find, in this major is 43.7. You will find a larger share of workers are female.


You can see information below for Financial Analyst degree holders. Salary and employment numbers, you will find, will differ for other career paths.

StateEmploymentAnnual Mean Wage
New York46,720$140,880
New Jersey11,650$127,090


You will be happy to know that business and financial careers is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations from 2022 to 2032. You should know that’s faster than average for all occupations!  Do you plan to earn a business degree? Do you think you have an interest in this path? Below, you can see a few career tracks you can consider if you do.


Do you aspire to lead? Top execs, you will find, may have job titles like Managing Director. You will also see titles like Chief Operating Officer (COO). Or, you will commonly come across the title of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). If you work at this level, then your job is to set up strategy. You will also direct policy, so that your business meets its goals. This means, you will be planning. It also means you will be directing. You will do this so you can make informed decisions.

According to 2022 BLS Data:

Median Salary: $100,090 per year

Job Growth Through 2032: 3% (As fast as average)

Typical Entry level Education: B.S, M.S., or M.B.A.


As a Management analyst, you could also be referred to as a Management Consultant. In this role, your job is to improve an organization’s profitability. You will also improve efficiency. This often means you will confer with managers. And, it means you will analyze business and financial data.

According to 2022 BLS Data:

Median Salary: $95,290 per year

Job Growth Through 2032: 10% (Much faster than average)

Common Entry level Education: B.S., M.S., or M.B.A.


As a market research analyst, you will need strong math and analytical skills. You will use these skills to study market conditions. In this role, you will often help companies understand buyer behavior. The info you will gather, will help you forecast trends, and monitor client satisfaction. It will also help you address product demand.

According to 2022 BLS Data:

Median Salary: $68,230 per year

Job Growth Through 2032: 13% (Much faster than average)

Common Entry level Education: B.S, M.S., or M.B.A.

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