Pursue a Software Development Degree


Software developers are the creative minds that have fueled society's push into the modern age of computer games, apps, social media websites and more. They help develop everything from the most popular computer and console games to the systems that allow devices to communicate with each other to accomplish a goal. Software developers use charts, models, diagrams, lines of code and meticulous work behind the keyboard of a computer to solve problems big and small - from designing a new Web program for a local business to developing systems to communicate with rovers on Mars.

Here are some things to consider when choosing an online software developer program.

  • Software developers work in a wide variety of industries with many other professionals, but the work often takes place behind a desk in front of a computer, likely in an office setting at a software publishing company or a computer systems design company.
  • While educational requirements vary, many employers require at least a bachelor's degree. However, some hire workers that show exceptional skill or have proven experience in computer programming, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics[i].
  • While there are no state-regulated licenses or certifications required for a career in software development, there are other ways in which job candidates gain an advantage in the industry. Many complete internships at software companies to gain greater experience.
  • Attaining a higher position at a company in this field may require significant tech experience and educational accolades. Some employers prefer candidates with master's degrees in computer science or related programs for higher positions.
  • Before signing up for an online program, research whether your prospective institution may provide guidance and education specifically finding internships or gaining relevant experience with current software developing programs.

Is an Online Software Development Degree PROGRAM FOR YOU?

By studying to pursue a career as a software developer using an online program, you may be able to pursue an education without drastically changing your personal schedule. Online programs vary, but many help bring you into the complex world of software design without harshly disrupting your life in the process. What's more, the courses may be studied at your own pace, which you could find beneficial.


We’ve touched on the several potential career paths that may be on your radar if studying software development is your educational goal. Here are a few other possibilities.

Web Developers 

Entry level education: Associate’s Degreeix

Average annual salary (May 2017) $67,990

Job growth through 2026: 15% (Much faster than average)

Computer Hardware Engineers

Entry level education: Bachelor’s Degreex

Average annual salary (May 2017) $115,120

Job growth through 2026: 5% (As fast as average)

Computer Information Research Scientists

Entry level education: Master’s Degree xi

Average annual salary (May 2017) $114,520

Job growth through 2026: 19% (Much faster than average)

Get Matched with an Online Software Developer Degree

Choosing a software developer degree program is an incredibly personal decision. We realize that only you can properly evaluate whether a target school’s syllabus lines up with your educational needs. We are here to help you find programs to evaluate and apply to. If you are ready to begin the process, let our easy-to-use matching tools guide you today.

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