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Digital marketing professionals are in high-demand. A digital marketing online degree can help you get your foot through the door. These programs offer to help you learn how to use SEO, content marketing, data analysis and more. You might also learn how to use computer software for in depth analysis. The program may help you learn how to blend communication and tech to help improve a business or company.



Associate of Applied Science in Digital Marketing

Explore the basics of digital marketing: SEO, data analysis, relationship management, web analytics and more.

Course Examples:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Analytics
  • Marketing & the Virtual Market place

Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing

Explore integrated marketing and its role in helping a business toward success. Study online branding, e commerce, SEO, consumer psych, and more.

Course Examples:

  • Web Analytics
  • Internet Public Relations
  • Internet and Law

Master of Science in Digital Marketing

Explore an advanced overview of multi channel marketing, including the essentials of web culture, SEO and analysis of consumer behavior patterns.

Course Examples:

  • Web Analytics
  • Internet Public Relations
  • Internet and Law


Online digital marketing programs often exist in a business school. As such, you will often study many business courses and major in marketing. Through the major, you can study digital and analytical platforms to gain experience. The number of classes you may take in each area will depend on the level of degree.

Associate and bachelor’s degrees in this field might can be many things. First, they might be an A.A., A.S., B.A., or B.S. degree. Beyond that, their names become more detailed. At the associate’s degree level, students might earn an A.A. or A.S. in digital marketing, marketing, or even business. The bachelor’s degree offers some of the same options. Students might earn a B.A. or B.S. in digital marketing, business administration, or even systems admin. For a marketing, business, or tech degree, students might focus on digital marketing.

When looking for your perfect degree, use the name of the degree as a nudge in the right direction. Then look beyond the degree name to the program. This will give you a sense of what you can learn. Usually, this is digital marketing, business, and data analytics skills you want to.


In an associate program, you will take one year of gen ed courses. The classes cover subjects like math, English, and the social and natural sciences. In the second year, you will pursue your major in digital marketing. That year, you study business, marketing, and digital applications. You may take a class in business principles, integrated marketing communications or more. All these main courses help you to develop skills as digital marketer.

In a bachelor’s degree program, you will take two years of gen ed courses. The same goes for your digital marketing major. You study similar subjects, but in more depth. Or you may study a broad range of subjects, that move beyond the core of digital marketing. For example, you can study market analytics or data driven marketing as well as the core classes. With a bachelor’s degree program, you can gain advanced skills and knowledge.

Some common courses include:

Data Analytics:&nbspIn this course you may learn how to gather, interpret and show case data results. You may be introduced to predictive data models and its relation to prescribing marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing:&nbspThis course will cover each social media platform and their unique aspects to help you learn how to create effective campaigns. You may be introduced to theories on how to engage consumers, build loyalty and thereby increase revenue.

Brand Management & Strategy:&nbspThis course preps you on how to establish, maintain and strengthen brands by how to implement clear digital strategies and goals.

Web Analytics and Optimization:&nbspIn this course, you will learn the foundations of how to optimize a website. From auditing sites to how to present and apply your findings, you can gain a working knowledge of using keyword research, local search strategy and its relation to content marketing.


You can earn a degree in this field online in one and a half to four years. It takes one and a half to two years to earn an associate’s degree and three to four years to earn a bachelor’s degree. Once you have earned an associate’s degree, you may be able to transfer your credits into a bachelor’s degree program. Then it would take you two more years to earn your bachelor’s degree.



School Degree Level # of Credits Required Start Dates Minimum Months to Complete
Oral Roberts U Bachelor’s 121 Fall, spring, and summer 36
Colorado Technical U Bachelor’s 180 Nearly monthly 48
Pennsylvania State World Campus Bachelor’s 120 Fall, spring, and summer 48


In 2017, digital marketing students paid an average of $7,021 per year for in state tuition at a public school. That same year, they paid an average of $31,916 per year for out of state tuition at a private school. That means that most students paid something between these two amounts. The price you will pay simply depends on what school you attend and whether or not you have to pay out of state prices. Note that in many cases, students do not pay out of state tuition for online programs. Instead, they may pay a lower amount.

We can give you a sense of what you might pay through some of our sponsored programs.

School Degree Level # of Credits Required Cost Per Credit Total Tuition Cost
Oral Roberts U Bachelor’s 121 $385 for a fully online program $46,585 + fees
Colorado Technical U Bachelor’s 180 $325 for a fully program $58,500 + fees
Penn State World Campus Bachelor’s 120 First 59 credits: $6,742 for 12 or more credits/semester; 60 or more credits: $7,297 for 12 or more credits/semester $56,156 + fees


Last check, there were 345 schools that offer digital marketing degrees or programs. From those schools, there were 6,147 degrees or programs awarded to students.

School 2017 Grads total/degrees awarded 2019/20 Tuition (Out of State unless *)
Savannah College of Art and Design 404 $38,075*
New York U 330 $53,308*
Ball State U 263 $26,800
Florida State U 244 $18,786
U of Georgia 234 $31,120

Accreditation is a process through which schools and programs gain their credibility. An agency that runs the process has approval by the U.S. DOE to do so. Schools and even employers may need you have a degree from one of these schools.

Accreditation can happen at the institute and program level. You should always attend an accredited school. Yet, you do not need to find a program with more accreditation if you are not going for a degree leading to licensure.

For a degree in this field, you’ll find some accredited programs and some that aren’t. The ones that are accredited are usually done so by one of three places:

  • The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  • The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
  • The International Accreditation Council for Business Education

Keep in mind that you do not have to attend schools with an accredited program. Yet, you should attend a school that’s accredited at the institute level. And, choosing an accredited program from one of the above agencies can’t hurt.

Some schools that offer programs accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute. If you attend such a school, you will have a degree that’s internationally recognized. It shows to employers that you’ve received a quality education in digital marketing.


In 2016, there were more than two million digital marketing majors in the workforce. This number could grow by almost 3.7% in the coming years. The average age of workers in this sector was 40 years old in 2016. The most common ages of those workers were 28 and 29 years old. Of the people who earned these degrees, the small majority (52.8%) were female.


The following info is for Marketing Managers. Salary and employment numbers will differ for other career paths.

State Employment Annual Mean Wage
New York 16,430 $192,290
New Jersey 10,960 $177,070
Delaware 670 $169,610
Virginia 4,170 $167,490
California 33,380 $164,410


There are many roles that a digital marketing degree might fill. Any of them could exist in a small to large business or other settings, such as non profit or gov’t agencies. Jobs for digital marketers span fields and industries.

Here are some positions for people who have completed a digital marketing program:


These pros work to increase visibility and engagement with content, products, and services. They strive to do so on internet enabled devices and interfaces.

According to 2020 O*NET Data:

Median Salary: $88,510 per year

Job Growth Through 2029: 5% to 9%

Typical Entry level Education: N/A


People in this occupation research markets in local, regional, national, or global areas. They also gather info to determine the viability of a certain product, service, or campaign. Conducting research is a heavy part of this role.

According to 2020 O*NET Data:

Median Salary: $65,810 per year

Job Growth Through 2029: 18% (Much faster than average)

Typical Entry level Education: N/A


Marketing managers plan and direct marketing efforts and programs. They help identify potential customers and determine demand. They also develop pricing strategies and tools for analysis. As managers, they also guide other employees in their department.

According to 2020 O*NET Data:

Median Salary: $132,230 per year

Job Growth Through 2029: 10% to 14%

Typical Entry level Education: N/A

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