Colleges with Rolling Admissions

Applying to colleges with rolling admissions may make your life easier by reducing your stress of making specific deadlines. Here, we’ve gathered some partner schools with rolling admissions so you don’t have to do the work of searching for colleges without application deadlines.

List of 7 Colleges with Rolling Admissions Policies That May Fit Your Timeline

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Of course, admissions policies are subject to change and individual programs at a school may have admissions deadlines that vary from the general policy.

As a result, be sure to check with each school for up to date and specific requirements.

1. Ashford University

Rolling Admissions: Accepts Year-Round Applications

Admissions Requirements May Include:

  • Initial conversation with an Enrollment Services Advisor
  • Transcripts
  • School and work history

Ashford is an accredited, online university that brings technology to higher education. You may access course material from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, potentially earning your degree while balancing other commitments.

And, you can choose from over 50 online bachelor’s degree programs that may help you pursue your goals in business, education, health care, information technology, and many other fields.

2. Liberty University Online

Rolling Admissions: Yes

Admissions Requirements May Include:

  • High school self-certification form
  • Official transcripts

Liberty is an accredited, evangelical liberal arts university, which serves over 100,000 students. In addition to their main campus in Lynchburg, Virginia, the university offers over 250 online degree programs designed to serve students from around the world.

Programs at Liberty University – including online – emphasize theory, research, practice, and the Christian faith.

3. Colorado Christian University

Rolling Admissions: Yes

Admissions Requirements Include:

  • 2.8 high school GPA
  • 1060 SAT score (or 21 ACT score)
  • Strong spiritual recommendation
  • Admissions essay

Founded in 1914, Colorado Christian University offers more than 100 degree programs to traditional and adult students with curriculum and courses that emphasize and investigate study and the proper methods of scientific research and technological innovation.

4. Full Sail University

Rolling Admissions: Yes

Admissions Requirements Include:

  • Completed application
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Government-issued photo identification
  • Verification of English proficiency (if primary language)
  • Interview with Admissions Representative

Offering more than 90 programs and serving more than 15,000 students, Full Sail University provides students with a creative approach to education through immersive, fast-paced, and relevant projects that mirror the workflow and collaboration found in today’s business environment.

5. Grand Canyon University

Rolling Admissions: Yes

Admissions Requirements Include:

The admissions requirements for online undergraduate programs at GCU are:

  • Official transcripts
  • Complete form and FAFSA
  • Work with Admissions Counselor through admissions process

There may be additional requirements for campus students, such as visiting the main campus in Phoenix.

For more than 65 years Grand Canyon University has been committed to a Christian worldview that is carried out in a way that provides greater unity across the university. However, the school accepts students with diverse interests, experiences, and perspectives, regardless of religious affiliation.

6. Purdue University Global

Rolling Admissions: Yes

Admissions Requirements Include:

  • High school diploma (or equivalent)
  • Official transcripts
  • Proficiency in English
  • May be required to complete an informational interview

Purdue University Global is solely dedicated to adult students who need flexibility in their educational needs. Their innovative approach to teaching and developing a modern curriculum through personalized courses to teach the skills to help you make an impact in your career.

7. Grantham University

Rolling Admissions: Yes

Admissions Requirements Include:

  • Proof of high school graduation
  • SAT score of 880 (or ACT score of 18)
  • Present a recommendation from your high school guidance counselor
  • Funding plan in place with seven days of term start date

Grantham University is designed to serve the non-traditional student through a vision and philosophy centered on quality distance learning. This 100% online university serves a highly diverse student population and believes that education should enhance your life.


May 1 is sometimes referred to as National College Decision Day, because it’s the traditional deadline for deciding which school to enroll in.

Early Action vs. Rolling Admission

Early action policies typically require students to apply by an early deadline in order to receive a decision ahead of the pack. Rolling admissions policies, on the other hand, don’t typically have a hard deadline. Schools may continue to accept applications until the program is filled.

Is It Too Late to Apply for College?

Students who have missed traditional admissions deadlines wonder if it’s too late for them to jumpstart their college education that year.

However, some colleges and universities – notably, online schools – may accept applications year-round. While it might be too late to apply to certain colleges, others may welcome your application.

Colleges with Rolling Transfer Admissions

Hoping to finish earning your degree at a different university from the one you started at? A change of plans can happen, but it doesn’t have to derail your education journey. Some schools may accept transfer applications year-round, on a rolling basis, so you don’t have to stress about meeting certain deadlines.

Check with the college you’re interested in to learn if they have a rolling transfer admissions policy.

3 Considerations for Applying to Schools with Rolling Admissions

It can be a challenge to get all your ducks in a row before applying to college. Students may miss deadlines or decide to change paths at the last minute. In these cases, finding a college with rolling admissions just might help you make the perfect decision for you!

Rolling admissions means colleges evaluate, and potentially accept, applications as they receive them. (That’s different from colleges who make admissions decisions AFTER they’ve received all applications.) Rolling admissions could work in your favor or against you.

For instance, your school or program of choice could fill up before you have a chance to apply. However, many colleges with rolling admissions offer multiple start dates throughout the year so even if a program is filled for one start date, you don’t have to wait long for another course or program to begin.

Learn more about applying to schools with rolling admissions, with the three tips listed below.

1. Pay Attention to Priority Deadlines

Just because a school offers rolling admissions doesn’t mean you should necessarily wait until the last minute before applying.

Try to get your application in before, or soon after, the priority deadline listed by your prospective school. Colleges still accepting applications after that point may not have many spots left!

2. Watch for Other Deadlines

Colleges and universities may not just have admissions deadlines; they can also have deadlines to apply for housing, financial aid, potential merit scholarships, and others.

Some academic programs may also have their own deadlines, separate from the school’s general admissions policy.

3. Don’t Just Look for the Best Colleges with Rolling Admissions

Look for the school that feels like a perfect fit for you. Consider your prospective major, whether you want to study online or on campus, and what potential student clubs and activities you may want to get involved in.

Hopefully, you’ll find a school that both suits your admissions timeline and offers what you’re looking for in terms of a higher education partner.

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